Author Carrie Stanton

CARRIE STANTON enjoys writing stories that allow the imagination to blossom.  She loves how words can grow wings and transport readers great distances, to worlds where anything is possible. Her books, Emmie and the Fierce Dragon and The Jewel are Calgary Number One Bestsellers, as well, they are Staff Picks at Chapters/Indigo.  Emmie and the Fierce Dragon is beautifully illustrated by Calgary watercolour artist, Sonia Leung. This story captures the engaging tale of a fierce dragon, causing a lot of mischief, and a small girl who sets off to tame him in her own unique way. But, what can one small girl do? Join Emmie as she sets off to attempt the impossible!  The Jewel was researched at the Glenbow Museum Library and Archives, in Calgary, and was given the "thumbs up" by Glenbow president and CEO Donna Livingstone. The Jewel's graphic artwork was created by Calgary artist, James Pantuso. The text and pictures within The Jewel build into an interesting graphic element as the story momentum grows, making the story interesting both mentally and visually. At the same time, it weaves the rich First Nations culture throughout the adventure and tests the very bounds of friendship between Grey Wolf and Little Bear. The Jewel is often used as an introduction to First Nations study in elementary schools and is a children's book club pick in elementary and middle school.  


Review from Kathleen, Chapters employee:  Emmie and the Fierce Dragon - " I loved this! The simple act of kindness and a sincere offer of friendship tamed the fierce dragon and is a wonderful tale for everyone regardless of age. This will definitely be a staff pick for me!"


Review from Sarah, age 8, Emmie and the Fierce Dragon - "My favourite character was the dragon - he looked really cute and he was kind of nice and kind of mean.  I like Emmie's bravery. I like all of the juicy words. The illustrations were really good."

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