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Welcome to Heather Down Designs. My name is Stacy. I create home decor with history. My pieces include rustic reclaimed barn board and farm fresh, upcycled materials.

I grew up in northern Alberta on a little farm that raised hay, cattle, and horses. We lived next to two eccentric brothers named Danny and Alfred who lived their whole lives on their land. Besides farming they were, possibly, the ultimate recyclers and upcyclers, decades before it became a "thing". Rather than throw anything away, they milled their own lumber and built outbuilding after outbuilding to store their treasures. People would bring them stuff and they reinvented these items too and reused them. Their old farm, along with my parent's farm, which has original buildings from the 30’s, is where we now salvage from.

I love the character of the wood that you can only get from decades in the elements, from the marks of the saw in the rough cut lumber, from the rusted nail holes, and I love most of all, how each piece is unique.

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