Love Art Soul

A Little About The Brand...

As a designer, I create items that I love to wear everyday.  I make products that are fun and free spirited, feeling good in what you wear is so important. Standing out from everyone else is a huge part of why I do what I do.  Being yourself and being unique is something every woman should embrace, be free and let your true beauty show through. 

A Little About The Products...

Every item is handcrafted in Canada (Alberta to be exact) with my own two hands.  I do not have factories or warehouses full of stock, everything is made and shipped from my home studio.  I try very hard to source out supplies that are manufactured in Canada as well, supporting local is extremely important to me. 

A Little About The Process...

With each new item that is created, a little piece of my heart and soul is weaved through the design. I sketch out every design by hand and make all of my own patterns. Once I get to a point where I am happy I make a "mock" up piece to see if my crazy design will even see the light of day. 

I have a great deal of fun naming each piece, I find that everything I make has such a great story to tell and how can you tell a story without starting with a name!  I gravitate towards Native American culture, the beauty in the ancient culture speaks to me. Every item that has a name in my collection is Native American inspired.

Thank you so much for following along and getting to know a little about me and my little business.

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