My OM Little Yoga Mat

Have you ever had a moment in your life where time stands still?

This is how My OM Little Yoga Mat was born, a moment where absolutely nothing around me existed except my two year old daughter’s piercing blue eyes locking into mine. I felt my heart beat quickly, my soul was on fire and in this moment I truly understood how my daughter Sarah was inspiring me.

It was a cold November morning in Calgary, Alberta. I was looking forward to warming up in our Family Yoga class at the TRICO CENTRE. I unpacked and unrolled our two adult sized yoga mats and we sat on our mats waiting for our anticipated weekly Yoga class to begin.

During the class I was focused on the children’s yoga mats. I was drawn to how large the mats looked in comparison to a toddler’s body proportion and how children were unsure on where their hands and feet should be placed on the yoga mat.

The class came to a close and Sarah eagerly began to roll up her yoga mat, she was in the stage where she wanted to do everything ‘on her own’. Sarah was getting frustrated, “Too heavy for me”. She then looked at me and said, “Mama, I want my om little yoga mat”. I am so glad that I listened to my daughter; so thrilled that she has her very own yoga mat. I hope that you and your child find as much joy in My OM Little Yoga Mat as we have.

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