noise & feathers

HELLO I’M: Stephanie Jones of Noise & Feathers
I MAKE: Functional Art Knot Pillows
I’M FROM: Calgary, AB
I CURRENTLY LIVE IN: Calgary, but I’ve also lived in Vancouver and Italy.
I ATTENDED SCHOOL AT: The Art Institute of Vancouver where I studied Fashion Design and Merchandising.
BEFORE I WAS AN ARTIST: I worked in the Fashion Industry for ten years and
have done everything from Merchandising Management, PR & Brand Marketing and Social Media Management.
I’VE BEEN MAKING SINCE: I was very young. My grandmother is a painter and I can still remember the first time I walked into her studio and saw all the beautiful sweeps and strokes of watercolour across her canvases. This is when I first fell in love with art. 
I have been working in the Fashion Industry for quite some time but just started my own business designing clothing and making knot pillows in the Spring of 2018.
MY FAVOURITE MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES ARE: finding a way to create functional art pieces. In my work I try to find a balance between two opposing elements soft & structured.
I’M INSPIRED BY: my travels. Each collection is based around a different trip that I’ve been on and the nature that I have encountered.
I MAKE BECAUSE: I want to create unique objects that inspire people and evoke a conversation.
MY FIVE-YEAR GOAL IS: to expand my clothing and home decor line, to create and incorporate custom made fabrics into my designs and to sell in stores across Canada.
MY INSTAGRAM IS: @noiseandfeathers




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