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Breanna of Planted Rocks Terrariums & Supplies in Cochrane, AB creates beautifully hand crafted cacti and succulent terrariums, that are easy to care for and perfect for any home! Planted Rocks also has DIY Terrarium Kits, Workshops/Parties, Plants, and Supplies (18 colours of sand, rocks, moss, soil, etc.) for purchase!

Some of their best sellers include: Large Globe Terrarium $40, Large DIY Terrarium Kit $40, 2 in Succulents $4 each, Lightbulb Terrarium $18, and Small Cylinder Terrarium $25!

Check out their website, instagram (Planted_Rocks) and Facebook (PlantedRocks)

Its pretty amazing how far you can come in just over two years! Starting this business I didn’t know I was in fact starting a business…Too me it was a creative way to express myself Ill never forget the first market I attended with a tiny table and just a few of my terrariums, I thought I might just sell one or two and ended up selling out ! Right after the market I went out and bought more supplies, and so began my planting journey. Last fall I chose to do this full time as I coached swimming, and finished up my EMT certification. I did a market every weekend from the middle of October to the middle of December, and attended some of the largest shows in Calgary! It was a lot of hard work, and I learned a lot about myself, what works, what doesn’t, how much inventory I actually need, and I also got really good at packing a vehicle! I am so proud of the work I do and where this journey has taken me !! Every terrarium I make, and every time I see a customer who is truly excited about my product reaffirms that I am on the right creative path! Thank-you to all the beautiful people who continue to support my work! Without you I would never be able to live this amazing creative life!!!

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