Pure Essentials

Pure Essentials was designed to make high quality, handmade, natural skincare products accessible to everyone. Our ingredients consist only of plant based oils, extracts, florals, naturally occurring elements and essential oils. Every ingredient serves a purpose, as we are committed to ensuring there are no fillers, chemicals or fragrances in our line. Designed intuitively by health and spiritual practitioners, each product is created and sealed with joy and the intention to shift toward a more organic and sustainable way of living.

Rachel and Jayleen created Pure Essentials through their interest in physical and spiritual health. Frustration about the lack of transparency and ethics in the beauty care industry lead us to create our own line of natural skincare and essential oils. Every product in our line was designed for ourselves and our families, leading to diverse products including diaper cream, beard oil, bath salts, dry shampoo, muscle balm and face cream. We continually choose and source the cleanest ingredients for everything we make ensuring that every part of our products serve a purpose.


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