Thistle and Solace

For those that don't know me I am a wife and the mom of three amazing little men. I have always had a love for antiques and vintage pieces, but what really took over my love for these pieces was being able to transform them; giving them new life. That's how painting became an addiction for me. When I decided to start Thistle and Solace it was a huge time of transition in my life. As I was leaving a career which I loved, to being home full time with my boys, I wanted the name of my craft to have special meaning to me. The word Thistle came to me because they are considered a weed, a thorn, but are actually so beautiful. I want to transform the pieces I work with not by taking away from what they are, but by bringing out their beauty; giving them new life. I guess it's a little bit of an ugly duckling story.

Solace was not an easy word to find, but when I saw it, I knew. Painting and transforming pieces has always brought comfort to me. It was another place for me to be me. So, after deciding to leave my job, this is what I turned to. I thought, "Why not do what makes me feel this way all the time and be with my children more?" Win win. That pretty much sums up how Thistle and Solace came to be. Now I get to share my love with all of you and I hope you fall just as much in love with my pieces as I have. 

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