Ground Yourself Bath Salt Trio

Ground Yourself Bath Salt Trio

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This handcrafted bath soak made with Himalayan Salt/Dead Sea Salt/Epsom Salt/Egyptian Dried Flower Mix of Rose,Jasmine,Chamomile,Candelua and is Infused with Ground Yourself Essentail Oil Blend. Perfect for a relaxing magical bath filled with beneficial ingredients. Use one cup in a full bath allow time to dissolve and enjoy.

Epsom Salt: Flushes Toxins and Reduces inflammation.

Himalayan Salt: Promotes stable PH balance in cells, increases bone strength and respiratory function.

Dead Sea Salt: Increases circulation, energizes the body lymphatic fluid balance and immune system support.

Sage: Highly protective and grounding.

Cedarwood: Purification of space and clearing out stagnation.

Juniper: Clears emotional blocks and purified space.

Lavender: Purifies and balances energy 


*External Use Only*

*Do Not Use While Pregnant*

*We Do Not Test On Animals*