Home Owner Gift Basket

Home Owner Gift Basket

Sea & Sapphire

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Give the perfect, unforgettable gift that is also supporting local community.  Your customers are joining a community, using local professional services, why not gift them the most unique gift basket with all the best home goods made by local artisans.  

If you would like them delivered the shipping charge will apply ($12) however we will do local delivery service (no shipping unless you want the products shipped as a package and will provide your own basket)

Just want some of the items or want to hand pick what you would like to see in the basket - NO PROBLEM! Just let us know and we will accommodate that! 

Want to add your own branded items to your baskets, that is no issue either, we can swap mugs for your own or make room for that special note book or other gesture you want to include.

Basket Contents:

Locally Roasted Coffee



Flavored Pancake/Waffle Mix

Dryer Balls

Key Wall Decor 

Local WIne

Light Bulb Terrarium 

Set of Mugs

Tea Towel

Candy Kabob

Small Flower Bouquet

Tea Samples

Metal Basket