Miscarriage and Infant Loss Bracelet

Journey Tree

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Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone, it relieves physical , emotional and psychological pain and stress, neutralizes negative energy and calms the mind and spirit.  This stone also helps to develop a deeper understanding of life. This stone was chosen for the Miscarriage and Infant Loss bracelet to help promote emotional any physical healing after such a devastating loss. 

Each bracelet has 5 of the specified stones to represent the 5 "journey's" that we as women are on in reaching and entering into motherhood. The 5 gemstones are surrounded by beautiful White Howlite which is an extremely calming stone and helps to ease and relieve stress and anxiety. This stone also increases understanding and patience.  On each bracelet you will also find a Tree Charm, used to represent Journey Tree and the idea that we are all on different journeys while supporting one another, like a tree the trunk connects us but the branches take us all on different paths.
Size - 7"