Leather Corner Zig Zag Clutch

Leather Corner Zig Zag Clutch

Brie Neilson Handmade

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This hand-painted clutch holds just what you need for a night out. 

It has a neon coral zipper with soft  garment leather corners in black on one side, a card shaped leather pocket on the inside, leather zipper ends and zipper pull and a handmade leather label.

I use fabric paint on heavy white cotton and seal the surface with a clear acrylic medium to make it stain-resistant. 

These bags are made with love in our Nelson, BC studio, so the hand-painted print on the outside—as well as the fun cotton print lining on the inside—may be a little different than the one you see in the photo, making it truly unique.

Size: 8.5” x 13.5” and the zipper opening is 12”